Rennetta by: The Space Brothers
Journal of the Space Renaissance International

Renetta Vol. 1 - 03/09/2010 - The Space Renaissance International 1st Congress discussion has begun, with the proposal of some themes on the SRI Facebook and Google facilities.

In this issue
  1. From the editors desk: beginning of an infinite journey
  2. Naming X competition Results announced
  3. First SRI congress

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From the editors desk

           Hello fellow Space Renaissance members, and welcome to Rennetta by the Space Brothers, the first issue of the new Space Renaissance International Newsletter!  My name is Bryan Kramer, one of the two editors of this publication; allow me to introduce myself.  I am 25 years of age, and a recent graduate of Allegheny College in Meadville, Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Arts degree in French and a minor in Psychology.  I have been a space enthusiast for many years, and recently became a member of SRI.  I am a man who knows he wants to leave earth, bound for outer space.  I am willing to go as far as humanly (or inhumanly).  I believe we have the technology; we just need to harness it and put it to use.  There is a vast universe out there just waiting for us to explore.  I am confident we are capable of settling on our moon and other worlds.  Just remember that nothing is impossible and our dreams will soon become a reality!  But enough about me now, let’s talk about what is happening in SRI these days.  Together with my brother, Sean Con, we are The Space Brothers and we hope to bring you a bi-weekly update of the current news and events within the Space Renaissance Initiative.


Space Renaissance: an informal intro

            What is the Space Renaissance International?  Put simply, “Space Renaissance is a new, global philosophy, having its basic ground on Earth, and its natural development in the extraterrestrial space;” ( the founding concepts being new humanism and astro humanism.  You can read more about SRI on the main website.


First SRI Congress

            SRI President Adriano Autino recently posted some topics on the discussion board of our Facebook group page.  The message informs us about the themes for the first SRI Congress.  The main themes will be quality of life and the continuation of our civilization growth.  The topic states that we should not be debating technology versus nature, but rather the quality of our lives and resources.  The answer is in space.  Per Adriano himself, “Moon, Asteroids, Mars will provide enough resources and energy to feed hundred billions human children. Quality will then have a wide enough field to be developed.” (Adriano Autino)  You can read the entire topic on our discussion board.

            The August 2nd 2010, after almost two years of labour, the Space Renaissance Initiative gave birth to the Space Renaissance Internationl, a non profit association. The Statutes are downloadable on the SRI web site. Membership is open: please register here.


Space Studies Gathering

            There will be a Space Studies Institute gathering in Mountain View, CA on October 30-31, 2010.  Titled Space Manufacturing 14, the discussions will be about critical technologies for space settlement.  Taking place at the NASA Ames Conference Center, the site where the first study of technology for space settlement was performed 35 years ago, the purpose is to “identify and recommend critical hardware research that can be conducted now by SSI, NASA and other organizations; to develop technical solutions to the challenges of space manufacturing and space settlement.” (SSI 2010)  RSVP to this event today.


Upcoming contestants

            Do you have an artistic talent to the stars?  Why not try your hand at some futuristic architecture?  The SRI Education Chapter is holding a contest in which you get to design your own mini space world!  Build a lunar civilization in the scale of a H0 gauge railroad village.  Feature the Apollo missions, future space activities, etc.  It’s a chance to build the lunar city of your dreams in a miniature size.  Check out SRI’s website for more info on this cool contest!


Naming X winners announced

            Finally, SRI would like to congratulate the winners of the Naming X Contest.  This contest asked young minds to come up with a name for a minor planet and give a reason for the name they chose.  In short, the winning names and contestants are: Glissade, suggested by 10 year old Erica Reed, Erytheia, suggested by 15 year old Nathan Phillips and Virgil, offered by McKinney High School, USA. Special mentions in the form of runners up in each category originated from Belgium, Ghana, India, Sri Lanka, United Kingdom and USA.  To read more about the winners and runners-up, check out the SRI press release.

            We’ve reached the end of our maiden voyage aboard Rennetta by the Space Brothers.  Look for more issues of SRI’s new official newsletter in the coming weeks and months as we prepare for the future both on earth and in space.  If you find any news or events pertaining to SRI that Sean or I missed, please email me, and it will appear in the next edition. Until next time, remember, outer space awaits us!  I’m Bryan Kramer signing off.  

By: Bryan D. Kramer and Sean Con, The Space Brothers


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